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These reviews of Eleuthera are a collection of people, places and things on the island accompanied by photos, maps, interviews and even a little music. Our reviews reveal how Eleuthera offers many different opportunities to the visitor, vacationer or even a vacation homeowner. For some, Eleuthera is the multi-colored waters that surround the island. For others, it is pink sand between their toes and a cool drink, or indulging in delicious Bahamian fare. Some like to chow with the islanders at the Friday night fish fry, and for the revelers, party at Elvina's in Gregory Town till the wee hours of the morning. But for most who make the trip to Eleuthera, the island of freedom, they come for its peace and serenity -- that feeling of being far removed from the rest of the world.

There is so much more to Eleuthera beyond these reviews. Part of the fun and adventure of island travel is the exploration and discovery, and Eleuthera has no shortage of those. Discover Eleuthera and see how beautiful and relaxing freedom can be.

The Glass Window Bridge
Read the history of the Glass Window Bridge along with the saga of Sam Pedican. Check out the 360° panoramic interactive photo of the bridge. The Glass Window Bridge is has been called “the narrowest place on earth.”
The Glass Window Bridge
Eleuthera Lighthouse Beach & Point
The Lighthouse at Lighthouse Beach near Bannerman Town is a breathtaking space and a treasure of South Eleuthera. There is an old Lighthouse building on the hill overlooking the cays to the south. There are beaches, ephemeral brackish ponds, coastal scrubland, coppice forestlands, mangroves, marine life, major crab nesting ground and nesting for birds.
Eleuthera Lighthouse Review
Haynes Library
Haynes Library is one of the more popular attractions in Governor's Harbour. Virtual reality photo shows how nicely the old library has been restored. Beautiful architecture and fine people to visit with. For a nominal fee, you can check your email using their computers' high speed internet access.
Haynes Library
Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve
The first National Park on Eleuthera! A first-of-a-kind 25 acre sanctuary in the Bahamas features a collection of plants and trees used for bush medicine. The Preserve was created jointly by the Leon Levy Foundation and the Bahamas National Trust -- a “must-see” when visiting Eleuthera...
Eleuthera National Park
Preachers Cave
Famous historical shelter for the founder of Eleuthera, Captain William Sayle, and his shipwrecked crew and passengers called the Eleutheran Adventurers. While “Adventurer” sounds romantic, these people were nothing more than shareholders in an enterprise...
Preachers Cave Eleuthera
Eleuthera - The Cow and The Bull
Review of Eleu's famous boulders, “The Cow and The Bull” located just south of the Glass Window Bridge. Some believe these big rocks were displaced from the ocean as a result of a tsunami. Here's one man's scientific conclusion...
The Cow and the Bull on Eleuthera
Current Cut Eleuthera
The little town of Current hosts one of the major dive attractions on Eleuthera. Current Settlement is a pretty and sedate little town featuring some of the more intimate and picturesque beach fronts on Eleuthera -- small in size and very photogenic. Check out some pictures and a virtual reality photo of Current Cut.
Current Harbour Eleuthera
The Empire State Building of Palmetto Point
Big Tree, its battleship gray bark almost smooth as polished concrete, is maybe as big around as a six-person sauna...
Palmetto Point Tree
The Apple Hole
Get a taste for the goat at the Apple Hole Farm Meat Mart Deli in Rock Sound. We interview the proprietor, an avid farmer and livestock entrepreneur, Edrin Symonette. Find out more about his deli in Rock Sound and what his passion for farming and Eleuthera is all about. Don't miss tasting their Johnnycakes!
Apple Hole Goat Farming in Rock Sound, Eleuthera
One Eleuthera Foundation
Review of One Eleuthera Foundation and interview with Shaun Ingraham, Director. One Eleuthera is an organization that looks to unite Eleuthera's communities and people by highlighting their strengths and qualities via heritage tourism. Shaun talks about the objectives and how people can participate with One Eleuthera.
One Eleuthera Review
Doctor Seabreeze Interview & Music
Live! It's Dr. Seabreeze from the island of Eleuthera! Known worldwide for his Soca and Bahamas island music, the Doctor provides us with a few tunes recorded at Ronnie's lounge and an interview to fill us in on who he is and what he loves...
Dr. Seabreeze
Northside Inn Restaurant Review
Interview with Rose Gibson from Northside Inn and Restaurant in Rock Sound. Rose serves up some of the best in Bahamian cooking and charm. The backdrop to her place is an excellent view of Eleuthera's “Norside Beach” on the Atlantic.
Northside Inn Restaurant Review
North Eleuthera's “Fine Threads”
We talk with with Fred Neely, aka “Fine Threads.” Fred tells us about the various services he offers for travelers coming through the North Eleuthera Airport. For transportation needs, car rental or just some fresh produce, “Fine Threads” is your guy.
Fine Threads
Golfing Eleuthera Yesterday & Tomorrow
Golfing on Eleuthera was spectacular in its heyday, and thanks to some golf aficionados, efforts are underway to bring it back to world class status. Review talks about past and present golf courses at the old and new Cotton Bay.
Golfing Eleuthera Review
Eleuthera Review - Out Islands For “In Crowd”
Review of Eleuthera by travel writer Tom Ulhlenbrock of the St. Louis Post Dispatch. “Not an island for couch potatoes or women in high heels...”
Eleuthera Review
Eleuthera Video Tour - Surfing Eleuthera
One of the better Eleuthera reviews, go video surfing around Eleuthera with stops at Surfer's Beach, Governor's Harbour, Hatchet Bay, Glass Window Bridge and Preacher's Cave.
Eleuthera video
Island Farm Eleuthera
An interview with Clyde Bethel, proprietor of Eleuthera's infamous Island Farm, one of the best stops on Eleuthera for fresh fruits, vegetables, plants and landscaping needs. Free Wi-Fi! Even better! Smell the fresh bread while you check your email.
Island Farm Eleuthera
Eleuthera in Stone
One Man's adventure includes geological finds and a review of the people and places on Eleuthera. “Eleuthera, thankfully, was not the Bahamas of glitz and gambling. It was the quintessential tropical paradise: remote but easily reached, gorgeous and relatively undiscovered, authentic and affordable...”
Eleuthera geology
100 Places Every Woman Should Go
New book by Stephanie Elizondo Griest reviews Eleuthera and says it's worth the effort noting Eleuthera's beaches as a major attraction...
Hidden Beach Eleuthera
Beginnings Marked at Devil's Backbone
“This was their first taste of freedom, for that is what Eleuthera means, derived from Greek.” -- Making the best of a shipwrecked voyage to Eleuthera...
Tay Bay Beach Eleuthera
Conch Salad Eleuthera Style
Coco Conch Shack and Coco Plum Restaurant just south of Rock Sound, Eleuthera, is another example of genuine Bahamian food and hospitality. The proprietor, Avien Morley, gives his recipe for his excellent fresh conch salad.
Avien Morley tells how to make conch salad
Eleuthera Review - A Bit of Eden
“Flying toward Eleuthera, I looked down to see the ocean far below splattered with islands... It's advertised as “the place you dream of on a Monday morning.” This narrow island of wide smiles is still an unsullied bit of Eden and I long to come back and enjoy the tranquillity before this Out Island becomes in.”
Club Med Beach Dogs
Spanish Wells
“So where is everybody? We ponder this question daily as we splash around in the water and decorate sand castles with beautiful conch shells, while the occasional ray glides past...”
Spanish Wells

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