Eleuthera Car Rentals

Eleuthera Car Rentals

Guide to Renting Cars on Eleuthera

Renting A Car

Renting a car on Eleuthera is a different experience than renting a car in the United States or other countries where there are major brand rental companies and vehicles to choose from. Many of the rental companies on Eleuthera are self-employed individuals who have a “self drive franchise” and a license to do business in the Bahamas. The cars, on average, are around 12 years old. As one might expect, newer cars, SUVs, jeeps, vans and four wheel vehicles will rent at higher prices.

Be safe and very careful when driving the roads on Eleuthera, especially at night. The speed limit on Queen's Highway is usually 45 miles per hour. The roads are not always the best given the close proximity of the ocean and the elements. Pot holes and other impediments can come up quickly when driving around the winding narrow roads. Some roads most definitely require a four wheel vehicle. Take plenty of water whenever you travel. Be prepared to find your way back to the main roads if you plan on driving off of the beaten path.

If you are planning a trip to neighboring Harbour Island and need a golf cart rental there, you can find golf cart rental companies on this page Harbour Island Golf Cart Rentals.

If you are traveling to Eleuthera from late November through May, you should make your car rental plans early. The better vehicles are reserved well in advance during the prime travel season, especially “Spring break.”

The order of these listings do not infer any preference or rank.

FAQ Car Rentals

Remember to always drive on the left side of the road!

Q - Do I need to rent a car on Eleuthera?

A - That depends on where you are staying, what you plan on doing and where you plan on going. If you plan on exploring the island, you will need a car.

Q - What are the typical rental rates for cars, Jeeps, etc.?

A - The length of time, the type of vehicle rented, and where/who it is rented from affects rental rates. If you are looking to rent a newer automobile in better than average condition, and / or a specialty vehicle like a Jeep or four wheel drive, the average rental rates are somewhere around $75 a day. If the vehicle is a 12 year old car that has seen better days (sometimes lovingly referred to as a “pre-scratched beater”) and you want to rent the car for several weeks or more and/or “off peak” season, the average rental rate would be somewhere around $35 per day. Of course, gasoline is your responsibility — not cheap when you are on an island. Just remember, cheapest is not always best if you plan on traveling over the many roads on Eleuthera that are in disrepair or off the beaten beach path.

Q - How old do you have to be to rent a car on Eleuthera?

A - 25

Q - How do I know I am renting a properly licensed rental car?

A - The license plate begins with “SD” which stands for “self drive.” You should receive a basic agreement to sign. The rental person or company should have a Bahamas business license available for inspection.

Q - What about insurance?

A - There should be an insurance sticker on the window. Car rental people are required by law to cover their vehicles with third party insurance. If it is your fault, the insurance usually covers whatever happens to the other vehicle and you pay for any damages to the rental vehicle. If it is not your fault, the other party's insurance should cover the damages. If you damage the rental car, you are usually responsible. Please note, you must consult with your rental person to be sure you understand your liabilities.

Q - Do I need a driver's license or permit from the Bahamas?

A - No. If you stay over 60 days, you do need a driver's license from the Bahamas.

Q - What side of the road do I drive on?

A - Left side.

Renting Cars In The Bahamas — Rules & Regs

The following resources are provided by the Bahamas Government website. This info pertains to the rules and regulations for licensing “self drive car rentals”:

Bahamas Registration of Self Drive Franchise

Bahamas Road Traffic Department

Road Traffic Statute Laws

North Eleuthera Car Rentals

The area code for Eleuthera and Bahamas is 242.

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Or call 242-359-7780 / 242-335-1556.

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