North Eleuthera Airport Bahamas

Fredrick Neely ~ “Fine Threads”

Farmer, Taxi Driver and Car Rental Entrepreneur

by Perry Joseph

We are sitting with Fred Neely, also known as “Fine Threads” on Eleuthera. We have had the pleasure of seeing Fred almost every time we travel through the airport at North Eleuthera. Fred runs a taxi service at North Eleuthera Airport. You can't miss his vans; “Fine Threads” is on the cab. Fred rents cars on Eleuthera as well. If you have transportation needs coming through the ELH airport, think “Fine Threads”! North Eleuthera Airport location

One of Fred's more recent business adventures is his small farming business where he grows fresh veggies for the local residents and various restaurants in the area including the better restaurants on Harbour Island.

Fredrick Neely, aka 'Fine Threads', from North Eleuthera, Bahamas
Fine Threads

Q - Tell us about your venture into farming and what you kind of produce you provide, Fred.

A - I provide tomatoes, cabbages, sweet peppers, plantains (sugar bananas), avocados, watermelons, coconut, celery, cilantro, Italian parsley, and have been introduced to planting dill and callaloo. My special tomato is the heirloom, some call brandywine. If you bring me the seeds, I'll grow it.

Q - When did you get started with your vegetable business?

A - I started it back in 1989. Back then it was “chop and burn,” but today you can get equipment in to crush the limestone and brush. I currently have more than 21 acres.

Q - How do you handle irrigation?

A - I was able to purchase a pump and a 42 gallon tank. The water table is three feet, which is a very high water table. I believe I am in one of the best areas of Eleuthera.

Q - Who do you sell to?

A - I sell to individuals and hotels. $10 bags, $7 bags, whatever.

Q - You also have a rental car business?

A - I took the initiative to purchase one, and now have nine rental cars, adding more cars as time goes on.

Q- What is your favorite music?

A - Gospel. “Give Me One More Hallelujah.” I am a Methodist minister. Hymn number 578…“God of Love, God of Power.”

Q - How can people contact you regarding your vegetable business, taxi service, and rental car business?

A - You can find me daily at the North Eleuthera airport. My business phone number is 242-359-7780, home is 242-335-1556 and my cell is 242-436-5989 or email fredrickakafinethreads[at]

It's always a pleasure to visit with Fred. He is another fine ambassador for the Island of Eleuthera. The warm hospitality of the people of Eleuthera keep you coming back for more.