Glass Window Bridge - Eleuthera

The Glass Window Bridge is one of Eleuthera's more popular attractions. Many times referred to as the “narrowest place on Earth”, the bridge is located just North of Gregory Town on the Northern end of Eleuthera Island. The man-made bridge took the place of a naturally formed bridge of rock that was destroyed in a hurricane. From the bridge, you can see a phenomenal contrast between the dark blue Atlantic Ocean churning away and the calm turqoise waters of Caribbean Sea. The colors are truly amazing.  Glass Window Bridge location

Glass Window Bridge Eleuthera

One should take great care when visiting the Glass Window Bridge and the surrounding cliff areas. Rogue waves have been known to arrive unexpectedly and wash over the bridge and nearby cliffs. Since there are no immediate reefs along the ocean side to break up these rogue waves as they arrive, the waves can hit with great force and have been known to not only wash people out into the ocean, but vehicles as well. You can learn more about the bridge and some its interesting history in this article titled Sam Pedican and the Rage at Glass Window Bridge.

The Glass Window Bridge is currently in need of a major overhaul. The bridge has literally been moved by hurricanes over the years. According to Bahamas's Minister of Works and Utilities, Mr. Bradley Roberts, a new causeway will replace the failure-prone Glass Window Bridge sometime in 2007. In the meantime, temporary repairs have been made and travel across the bridge is limited to one vehicle at a time. Again, please be cautious when visiting Eleuthera's Glass Window Bridge, and by all means, don't forget to bring your camera.

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Glass Window Bridge - Eleuthera