Golfing on Eleuthera

The Fall and Rise of Golf in Eleuthera
by George Wolfe - Right on Par

Golfing on Eleuthera
Old Days of Golfing on Eleuthera at Cotton Bay

The astonishing beauty and restorative tranquility of Eleuthera makes the Bahamian Island a must for a traveler seeking refuge from our chaotic planet. The access is easy from Fort Lauderdale, West Palm or Miami as Eleuthera has three airports, two of which that benefited from the long runways needed by the U.S. Navy and aviation mogul Juan Trippe. On a recent visit, we used about fifty percent of the tarmac at Governor’s Harbor, which is the perfect place to headquarter an Eleuthera visit. At Governors Harbor, the beaches on Eleuthera in February are empty and the entire Island awaits exploration. For the start of the November 2012 season, French Leave Marina Village will open in Governor’s Harbor to uniquely provide guests to the “Freedom Island” a uniquely first class cottage or bungalow and five star restaurant/bar with pool complex fronting the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

Golf Eleuthera

Amazingly, you will not see golf clubs being unloaded form any arriving flight as Eleuthera currently only provides a rich golfing past and a promising golf future. The past and future of golf on the Island are both traced to two different visions of The Cotton Bay Club. In Eleuthera’s glitterati heyday of the 1950′s and 1960′s, The Cotton Bay Club and the Rock Sound Club hosted North America’s leading industrialists, socialites and Hollywood A-listers. Located south of Govenors Harbor, Cotton Bay and Rock Sound Clubs were captivated by the aforementioned Juan Trippe and Arthur Vining Davis respectively (both owned Winding Bay Eleuthera at some point in time.) Juan Trippe was the founder of Pan Am Airlines and was the undisputed luminary of high society. Arthur Vining Davis was the President of Alcoa and saw clearly the development and potential in Eleuthera along with such Florida communities such as Royal Palm in Boca Raton and the Frenchman’s Creek in Jupiter.

Golfing Eleuthera
Golfing- Eleuthera