Dr. Seabreeze - Music from Eleuthera

An Interview with Dr. Seabreeze - Eleuthera's Music Man
by Perry Joseph

Dr. Seabreeze
Doctor Seabreeze

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I had heard of the famous Dr. Seabreeze and had seen pictures of him, so it was easy to spot him while sitting at Elvina's bar sipping on a soft drink in Gregory Town one sunny Tuesday afternoon.  Ronnie's Hi-D-Way Lounge on Cupid's Cay next to Governor's Harbour

I wasted no time introducing myself and told Doc how I had seen him in a video production shot a few years ago by a surfing crew called Island Hoppers during their visit to Eleuthera. Dr. Seabreeze's music had put the hook in me. I love island music in many different varieties, be it soca, reggae, calypso, even Hawaiian, but the Doc's music is special and some of the best original old school island music I've ever heard. And Dr. Seabreeze is the deal when it comes to being an entertainer -- real class.

I told Doc I'd be on Eleuthera for a while and wanted to interview him and make a few live recordings to put here on the Eleuthera website. Asked where I could catch up with him, Doc said "My office, most any day of the week," which happens to be Ronnie's famous Hi-D-Way Lounge on Cupid's Cay next to Governor's Harbour.  Ronnie's Hi-D-Way Lounge on Cupid's Cay next to Governor's Harbour

A few weeks later with my wife Rose Mary in tow, we made our way over to Ronnie's place, and as prescribed, the Doctor of Island Music was in. When I first asked Rose Mary if she wanted to go, she asked with rolling eyes "Doctor Who?" to which I replied "Don't worry, you're going to love this gig." Okay, so I'm not always right, but this time, I was, and by the time we were done, she was hooked too.

Ronnie's Hi-D-Way, Cupid's Cay, Eleuthera
Ronnie's Hi-D-Way, Cupid's Cay Eleuthera

So here's my informal interview taken at Ronnie's bar. Later in the interview, you can hear a few of the songs I recorded in the back room of Ronnie's with my small but mighty digital recorder. It was hot day on Eleuthera - sweat dripping from my face as I stood perfectly still and held the microrecorder in just the right spot - high tech meets old school recording techniques - just shove the microphone up close to the artist and let 'er rip. Ja Man!

Q - What year were you born, Doc?

A - I was born in 1941.

Q - And your full name is...

A - Cebric Bethel, that's an English name. I was named after an English lord.

A - I have looked all over the world, but I can't find no more Cebrics. I can find Cedrics, but no Cebrics.

Q - Okay, so you're Cedric

A - No, I'm Cebric.

Q - Okay, so you're "Cebric" I see.

A - My stage name is Dr. Seabreeze, which I adopted that in 1975.

Cupid's Cay Eleuthera
Cupid's Cay