Old Eleuthera photos and postcards
Photos & Postcards from the Past

Eleuthera has a long history of being one of the preferred vacation islands in the Bahamas. These galleries of old restored postcards and photography are a testament to the many years of Eleuthera's popularity.

As one might expect, postcards typically feature hotels, resorts and points-of-interest as seen in these galleries. While a number of the older Eleuthera hotels and resorts featured here have closed, new ones have taken their place and there is an excellent selection of vacation rentals on Eleuthera.

Some of these older hotels and resorts remain legendary in name; more for their scenic locations and the beaches on Eleuthera they featured. French Leave, which later became Club Med, is a prime example. While Club Med has been closed for many years due to its destruction by hurricane Floyd in 1999, the beautiful pink sand crescent beach it resided on is still referred to as Club Med Beach.

These photo galleries include a number of points-of-interest that exist today. Hatchet Bay Caves is considered to be the best example of cave systems that exist on Eleuthera. Gregory Town continues to host the annual Pineapple Festival in June. Governor's Harbour, the capitol of Eleuthera, has a number of historical buildings as does Rock Sound and South Eleuthera.

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North Eleuthera Past
This collection of postcards and old photographs features Spanish Wells, Current Club Resort in Current Settlement, views of Pitman's Cove and Exuma Sound from the hills of Gregory Town and some rare photos of cave exploration at Eleuthera's famous Hatchet Bay Caves.
North Eleuthera
Governor's Harbour Past
This gallery of cards and photos has scenes that include a nice aerial shot of Cupid's Cay and Governor's Harbour along with a number of the then popular resorts and hotels: Buccaneer Club, French Leave Resort, Club Med and Tranquility Bay Resort. There's also a nice old postcard map of Eleuthera.
Governor's Harbour Eleuthera
Rock Sound Past
These old photos and postcards feature several scenes from Rock Sound including their famous Ocean Hole which claims to be bottomless. The featured resort there is old Cotton Bay Club and its premier Eleuthera golf course, frequented often by the rich and famous in its heyday. A number of the members still have homes in the area. Also included is a postcard from the Rock Sound Club. The gallery is rounded up with an old photograph of an aerial view of Rock Sound.

Rock Sound Homecoming
South Eleuthera Past
This gallery is a small assortment of images that could only be described as “South Eleuthera.” One notable old photograph is the one taken in the late 1800s in Delancy Town near Deep Creek. Another featured point-of-interest in South Eleuthera is Lighthouse Beach which is still considered to be one of the more scenic locations on the island. A few more scenes from Winding Bay round up the postcard / photo collection.
South Eleuthera
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Cotton Bay Beach Eleuthera
Cotton Bay Beach