Current Settlement Eleuthera

Current Settlement is a quaint and sedate little town, over 200 years old, located in North Eleuthera approximately 6 miles from the Lower Bogue and 10 miles from North Eleuthera Airport.  Current Settlement location

There's not much to the little town: a small grocery store called “Durham's General Store” (242-335-3237), an old Methodist Church and a post office that also serves as the library. Along with the Bahamian multicolored homes, there are some old classic weathered gray buildings which have stood the test of time -- remarkable given how harsh the environment can be on any island. Traveling down the very narrow “Main street” to the end of Current Settlement, you get that classic feeling of being remote and being “at the end of the road.”

Northwest of downtown Current Settlement is a patch of some charming vacation homes; some avaialable for rent. The beaches there aren't as large as some of the broader beaches on Eleuthera, but no less beautiful and enjoyable to explore.

Current Settlement Current Settlement Main street Current Settlement beach

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