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Renting a home, villa or cottage on Eleuthera can offer real value if done right.

Eleuthera vacation rentals
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Eleuthera Rentals “How To”

There are quite a few excellent Eleuthera vacation rentals to choose from. Renting a family vacation home by owner or even a luxurious villa can prove to be cost effective -- especially when traveling with friends or family who can share the expenses. You can have more room for socializing and relaxing -- more room for the kids to have their own fun. Being able to cook and eat at the house instead of going to restaurants saves money too. If you’re looking for a romantic island getaway or that perfect honeymoon in the Bahamas, renting a beachfront cottage or villa can offer additional privacy.

Our listing of Eleuthera vacation rentals by owner is unique because all of the web sites are owned and operated by their property owners. Renting a vacation home on Eleuthera is perfectly safe if you know what to look for and what to ask as a renter. Here are some tips to help you find and stay in those perfect vacation rentals.

1) Reserve Your Vacation Rental Early

When looking for vacation rentals, doing research early on can save you money and provide more options on where you can stay. The better Eleuthera vacation rentals, homes and villas will be reserved many months in advance. The very best rentals are reserved a year or more, especially in prime season.

2) Know Who You Are Dealing With

Just because a vacation rental property on Eleuthera is listed on the likes of VRBO or Homeaway does not mean you will be dealing directly with the property owner. In some cases, you may be dealing with a vacation rental agent or agency who is listing multiple rental properties -- sometimes in bulk. In other cases, the contact could literally be “anybody” who is listing a property in order to “leach” the inquiries from it to other preferred properties. Sometimes “property manager” really means “rental agent.” It’s not uncommon. Nothing wrong with working with credible and legitimate agents or agencies either.

If you do come in contact with a rental agent or a professional agency as a result of making an inquiry on a so-called “home rental by owner” website or the like, the rental agent should disclose their identity and relationship with a property early on. Take time to understand their relationship with the various property owners. Ask for a list of all the properties they represent. In the end, you still want to know who the property owner is and how they may be contacted in the event there is a problem. Understand where your money is going to and who is going to be responsible for it.

A professional rental agency will have executed a rental agency agreement where the property owner and agent’s respective responsibilities and liabilities are spelled out. These responsibilities should be disclosed in your rental agreement so you know who you will be dealing with should there be any serious issues with your vacation rental.

Remember, your focus is on being sure you have a good experience with the vacation rental you choose. The internet is rife with scams of all sorts. You want to be sure you know who you are dealing with and they have your best interests at heart. Know exactly what they are willing to do and not do if anything goes wrong with the rental. True professionals who have been in the vacation rental business for a number of years should be more than happy to disclose all details in a proper agreement.

One way to check to see if there are any problems with a person you are speaking with is to do a search on the internet for the name of the vacation rental, the name of the person you are dealing with, their street address and their phone number(s). Sometimes you will find reviews, and in other cases, you can verify whether the phone number is associated with the person you are dealing with, especially when it is an agent or agency. Looking up a street address on Google's satellite maps will show you exactly where the address is located.

Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Ask for references. Check the person out. Talk with them on the phone.

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