Eleuthera Lighthouse Point

Lighthouse Point Eleuthera

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Lighthouse Point Eleuthera Island Bahamas
Adjoinng Cays South of Lighthouse Point

Far away on the horizon one can see the hills of little San Salvador, adjoining Cat island, on a clear day. The water inshore by the end of Eleuthera is clear as crystal on the weather side, inviting the exploration of sea gardens. On the lee side of the beach stretches for a mile or more.

Even to someone accustomed to the variety of colors in the sea all around Eleuthera, this particular spot never fails to excite the greatest admiration. The blues appear more vivid, somehow, in this wild and lovely setting, and the sands a deeper pink. The rocks below the lighthouse have been hollowed into small caves, where one may picnic to avoid being roasted by the fierce rays of the sun. If one could live on color alone the feast might make one ill from overeating.

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Lighthouse Beach
Lighthouse Beach