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Farming Eleuthera - An Interview with Clyde Bethel
by Perry Joseph

Clyde Bethel - Island Farm Eleuthera

During our last trip to Eleuthera, I made it a point to stop by Clyde Bethel's establishment, the famous “Island Farm” located just south of Palmetto Point on Queen's Highway. By far, Clyde's place is one of the best produce farms and landscape nurseries on Eleuthera. Choices include delicious fruits, vegetables and fresh bread that makes you instantly hungry just looking at it.

Island Farm is also an excellent place to socialize and meet people who enjoy sharing their knowledge and stories of Eleuthera. I came away with more than just fresh bread, jam and arugula. Clyde demonstrates how easy it is to make new pals on Eleuthera and how visiting his fine farm is more than just another jaunt to the grocery store.

You can contact Island Farm at 242-332-0141 or visit their website:
Island Farm Eleuthera.  Cow and the Bull on Eleuthera

Q - When did you start Island Farm?

A - Started 8 years ago when I started to build the house. I started to grow plants for our own yard. Always had it in the back of my head that this is something that I wanted to, just didn't think it would develop this quickly.

Q - Started why?

A - I like growing plants; I have always grown them and thought it would be nice to have them in my backyard.

Q - Is this something that you started on your own or was this something your family...

A - Both of my grandfathers farmed, but it wasn't ever an area of my life I ever thought I would do. I was and still am in the restaurant business. I closed one restaurant and started the house and just started planting. It was called the Kohinoor Restaurant down by Oceanview, a subdivision developed by a German guy back in the mid to late 70s; Hausmann was his name. He's probably long gone now. We specialized in Bahamian and US Continental cuisine, fish, conch, bake our own breads, quite a happening place. Then of course, we had kids and restaurant/bar doesn't go very well with that.

Q - How long did you have the restaurant?

A- We had it for almost 8 years.

Q - Born and raised here on Eleuthera?

A - Yes, I lived in Canada for a few years in Winnipeg for school. I think my parents were trying to get me out of the house (laugh).

Q - How old were you?

A - I was 12. I am 47 now.

Q - You're a young man...

A - I most certainly am and always will be, I refuse to grow up (laugh).

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Island Farm Eleuthera