Apple Hole Farm Rock Sound Eleuthera
The Apple Hole - Rock Sound Eleuthera

An Eleutheran's passion for goats and farming...
by Perry Joseph

Edrin Symonette, Rock Sound, Eleuthera
Edrin Symonette

Just 200 feet east from the road sign “Nort'Side” at Queen's Highway in the heart of Rock Sound is a place called Apple Hole Farm Meat Mart and Deli, open on Saturdays, 7:00am to 3:00pm. The proprietor for this shop is Edrin Symonnette.

I had met Edrin a year prior while shooting photos of Rock Sound Bay just south of Rock Sound airport (RSD). Edrin was cracking conch by the water at the time and obliged me in a conversation that centered on our shared passion for the island of Eleuthera. The message I got was simple; Edrin sincerely and humbly loves his island -- heart and soul.

After hearing about Edrin's passion for the land, farming and agriculture, coupled with what he does at his Apple Hole Mart in Rock Sound, I promised to visit again to get the 411 from him and share it with you. I'm glad I did too. If you have a chance to visit the Apple Hole Mart one Saturday, by all means, do it. If Edrin is there when you visit, ask him about his favorite goat.

It's people like Edrin and his Family (and that delicious home made Johnnycake) that keep us coming back to Eleuthera for more.  Oceanview Horse Farm location

You can reach the Apple Hole Farm Meat Mart and Deli or Edrin at:
242-334-2612, cell 242-467-9454 or email .

Q - Edrin, what year were you born?

A - 1963, in Rock Sound, Eleuthera.

Q - Where did you go to school?

A - I went to school at Rock Sound Primary School, and then went on to Preston Albury for a year. Then moved to Nassau and went to Government High. From Government High I got a scholarship, went off to school in Hampton, Virginia. I came back and worked in Nassau. I didn't really like it too much, so moved back to Rock Sound. Then fell in love with some goats, and started to work on a construction company with my father because my father was trying to build a construction company at the time. All along I managed the goats in the morning, and let them feed during the day and locked them up at night. But the goat business actually grew and started the farming business for me. So it moved and grew to where I had to basically farm full time, and that's where it started.

Q - How long ago did you start your farm?

A - About 27 years now I have been in the farming business.

Edrin Symonette at his Apple Hole Farm in Eleuthera.
Apple Hole Farm
Rock Sound, Eleuthera