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Visiting Oceanview Farm…

Q - If somebody wants to come to the Farm, can they drive up? What do you suggest they do?

A - Sure. We get contacted through our Oceanview Farm Facebook page, through our Oceanview Farm website, but most of the time it's walk-ins. Most customers want to come and see the condition of the horses, make sure that they're fat and healthy, and that they're not crazed horses and they're not going to get hurt. The safety factor has to be absolutely the most important.

Q - I notice you provide helmets for the children?

A - Yes, in the insurance policy everyone under the age of 18 has to wear a helmet. After 18 it's the rider's preference. But the whole trail is only at a “walk.” The insurance won't allow any galloping down the beach. They don't allow it for any operation such as this in the Bahamas. Our main purpose is to make sure they have a safe and comfortable ride.

Q - I have to ask you, Kelly, which is your favorite horse?

A - My favorite horse, I have a big love for Chief. He is definitely very mischievous and has a big personality. He can be a pain in my butt sometimes, but he's a wonderful horse.

Q - And you, Angela?

A - Like any mother I try to say I don't have favorites, but I love them all, they all have their own personality like our kids. They all have their faults and weaknesses, but then they all have their strengths. But I'd have to say the big warm blood, Nico, he's a soft spot for me. He's a good boy. Not liking the trail riding business too much, but he's only for experienced riders.

Q - Spoken like a true mother.

A - We have to be that way.

Q - I also always ask this question of anybody I interview down here. Who is your favorite entertainer? Kelly?

A - Well I'm a big reggae fan. I'm not sure if you're aware of Tyrus Reilly. He's one of my favorites. I think he's like the Bob Marley of our generation. Very awesome performer. I've seen him twice actually here in Eleuthera. (Angela) She grew up with reggae because I was the Bob Marley generation. But I love a lot of our local entertainers. I'd have to say I'm the biggest KB fan. That's what we play here, and my ringtone on my phone is Bush Mechanic. We have a lot of very talented Bahamian entertainers. My father has always been friendly with Eddie Mennus. Our home was always filled with Eddie Mennus all of the time. I like the ones that can tell a story that sometimes only we Bahamians get. It's the things that make us smile because we understand the story. Some people might not understand and don't get it. But when you get it, it's funny.

Our thanks to Angela, Kelly and the folks at Oceanview Farm for sharing their time and story with us. We will be back!

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