Eleuthera Vacation Rentals

Eleuthera Vacation Rentals by Owner

Renting a home, villa or cottage on Eleuthera, Bahamas can offer real value if done right.

Eleuthera Beachfront Cottage
Eleuthera Beachfront Cottage

5) Review Rental Agreement Thoroughly

Don’t send a deposit until you have a signed rental agreement that has been reviewed thoroughly. Not all agreements are created equal. Some have not been reviewed by attorneys and may not be worth the paper they are printed on. Pay attention to the details, particularly:

  • Dates of stay along with check-in and check-out times
  • Number of adults and children
  • Name and address of rental property
  • Rates, deposits, taxes, cleaning fees (if any)
  • Policies regarding “damages”
  • Policies regarding return of deposit fees including dates
  • Check cancellation fees and policies. For example, what happens if the rental house should happen to fall into disrepair before you arrive?
  • Name, address and contact number of agent or homeowner
  • Pet policies

If there is some detail of the rental agreement that is covered in e-mail or in a telephone call but not specified in the agreement, ask to have that included in the agreement before signing it.

You will find many rental agreements for Eleuthera rentals and for rentals in the Bahamas to be basic and generic. It can’t hurt to ask a Family attorney to briefly review a rental agreement, especially if you are investing a lot of money in a dream vacation.

6) Ask for More Photographs of the Rental Property

Not many photographs of the rental property? Are they hiding something? Or did they just do a mediocre job of providing photographs? Ask for more photographs and when the photographs you are looking at were taken. Ask the home owner if there are any previous renters who have posted their photos on the internet. Look for photos of the immediate surroundings so you can evaluate things such as privacy, noise, scenery, etc. The more photos you can look at, the better. Be careful if all you see is perfection – you should not expect it.

7) Check the Location of the Rental Property

Check out our satellite maps of Eleuthera to see where a property is located and what the proximity is to the nearby beaches, restaurants, stores, airports and other attractions. You will likely need a rental car. Ask the homeowner for a few referrals and find out how much it is going to cost. “Just steps to the beach?” How many steps?

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Eleuthera Oceanfront Rental
Eleuthera Oceanfront Rental