Preachers Cave
Preachers Cave

“Sayle, in his dream of unbounded liberty, renamed it Eleutheria or freedom.”
Henry C. Wilkinson

Preachers Cave sign

Preachers Cave - Inside the Cave

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Preachers Cave is fairly easy to get to. Take Queen's Road through North Eleuthera till it ends. A sign there indicates Spanish Wells to the West and Preachers Cave to the East. You fill find another sign along the way that points to the North. The cave is accessible by land by following a narrow path from a road that follows along the northern shore of Eleuthera.

There has been renewed interest in Preachers Cave after an archaeological dig, headed by the site's Chief Archaeologist Bob Carr, unearthed remains of what is thought to be a Lucayan Indian lying close to the remains of a 350-year-old Eleutheran Adventurer. The Bahamian government said it hoped to convert the famous cave into a national park.

(When viewing the interactive virtual reality photo, be sure to look straight up to see the chimney holes at the top of the cave.)

Preachers Cave“The roof of the cave is pierced by several large bores or chimneys which must have been caused by the action of the sea long ago. The place is certainly capacious enough to have accommodated the seventy settlers, and the floor is comparatively dry.”

Preachers Cave Eleuthera
Preachers Cave Preacher's Cave location