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Current Settlement
Current Settlement
Eleuthera offers a large palette of rich colors and magnificent photo settings. The locations of some of these scenic pictures are easily found while others have to be discovered and sought after. And when they're found, you can spend hours shooting photos of these rare elements only to find you can't capture the dynamic range the human eye is seeing -- yet you still try.

Picture / photo gallery:  Double Bay Beach Sunrise

Shooting photos on Eleuthera can be quite a challenge given the high contrast between elements of dark blue skies, near white sands and the glare from the bright turquoise waters which is one of the most outstanding colors offered on Eleuthera and the Bahamas. This turquoise effect is caused by the sun reflecting off of coral and sand in the shock clear shallow waters.

Spanish Wells
Spanish Wells

What makes pictures of Eleuthera and the Bahamas so spectacular are these combinations of colors and light -- such a variety from a common theme that can be seen all over the Bahamas. And then there is the ocean color -- a deep blue beyond the shallows due to the absorption and scattering of light.

Not to be left out are the interior colors of green, gray and earthen colors coupled with the many bright colors of paint used to adorn the architecture, typically favoring pink, yellow, white and purple -- a virtual rainbow. Bahamians on Eleuthera are not shy about displaying stark color contrast -- a photographer's dream.

Pyfrom liqour store - Governor's Harbour
Governor's Harbour

Here is a variety of photos and pictures of Eleuthera.

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