One Eleuthera Foundation

Interview with Director Shaun Ingraham
by Perry Joseph

One Eleuthera Foundation is an organization that is keenly aware of Eleuthera's rich historical background, its resourceful people and variety of organizations who support it. The organization is fortunate in having a highly motivated Director, Mr. Shaun Ingraham. Shaun is most passionate about Eleuthera and its potential to serve the needs of the diverse groups of people that include the indigenous people, second home owners and visitors who choose Eleuthera as their vacation and travel destination.

The objective of Eleuthera Map has always been to promote Eleuthera as a place of beauty and a “must see” destination in the Bahamas. To that end, Eleuthera Map has refrained from promoting organizations who may have political positions or other agendas and activities which might be construed as controversial or preferential. Having said that, One Eleuthera is a unique organization that we feel is worthy of promotion because it offers a “win-win” solution for promoting Eleuthera by providing most everyone a seat at the table of discussion.

We spent some time interviewing Shaun and found him to be a very capable organizer who has a unique background and a solid grasp of what's a stake when it comes to the future of Eleuthera and its people. We believe his efforts and the efforts of those involved with the One Eleuthera Foundation will have a positive and lasting effect on the island. One example of their recent efforts is the establishment of the Eleuthera Heritage Trail which identifies some of the prominent and unique historical features of Eleuthera Island. We look forward to providing more information about the Heritage Trail as it becomes established. Take a few moments and check out the One Eleuthera website to see what's new. If you like what you see, please consider supporting their efforts with a donation. We think it is an excellent organization not to mention a great group of people.

Q - We are visiting with Shaun Ingraham. Shaun, is this where you were born?

A - Yes, I was born in Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera.

Q - How long have you lived on Eleuthera?

A - Well, off and on all of my life, but I came back home 5 ½ years ago.

Q - You went to school here?

A - I went to high school here, college in Nassau, college in Florida, to my Masters in Atlanta. I worked abroad with different organizations, Habitat for Humanity, Food for the Hungry, other organizations in disaster management.

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