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Q - I like the idea that you are providing a facility to those that have an interest in Eleuthera from a variety of aspects, not just from development, but also from the cultural and historical fields. My question to you is how do you plan on interfacing and inviting these people to participate with One Eleuthera?

A - We have a web portal, OneEleuthera.org. We have what we call secretariats which looks at five different areas; health care, education, economic development, cultural and heritage and environmental planning. Each one of these would have a round table at least two or three times a year where there is discussion around those particular initiatives. Those things are then funneled up to general Board. We have membership. Membership allows you certain things. You can get into the organization to discuss and have your views aired before the Board once you become a member. Obviously, different members have different privileges.

Q - So to an individual that might come down to Eleuthera and enjoy the island for a week, a traveler that might be casual, he’s just as welcome to participate in the development and support of One Eleuthera as those who may spend a substantial amount of time, if not most of their life here, is that right?

A - That’s right. We say to anyone who lives, works or plays on Eleuthera, we would like to hear from you; we would like you to be a part of this conversation. This is an ongoing conversation. Recently I had two conversations via Skype from Eleuthera, one was on a cultural initiative where we were talking to people in New York and Cincinnati and another conversation with health care workers, in Nassau, Maryland, and Texas. This goes to show that anybody can participate in helping to shape Eleuthera’s future.

Q - So you are going to share all of this information on your website, OneEleuthera.org?

A - OneEleuthera.org, we are building that site out right now. We are hoping that is fully up and we are doing beta testing [Ed note: Their website is now operational.] We just did basic information for the launch, but by the end of May, we will have a full time web person, full time facilitator, a portal manager that’s on board 24/7 to take care of this, and she is being trained now. We are working with the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. They have a PhD student that’s doing a PhD in Technology and in heritage management. So we are trying to make it where it is not just a website for information, but it’s a tool that’s being used to encourage and promote dialogue and action. So that’s our next big project right now. We are excited about it. We have somebody in mind that we know will help us manage very effectively. So the web portal is really a tool to manage our work.

Q - That sounds good Shaun. We really appreciate you taking your time to spend with us today, and we will be sure to send people on over to OneEleuthera.org and spread the word of the Foundation on Eleuthera Map.

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