Oceanview Farm Eleuthera
Oceanview Farm Horse Riding Stables

For the love of horses… and Eleuthera.
by Perry Joseph

Please note, Oceanview Farm is no longer in operation.
This page left for archival purposes.

Just south of Pineapple Fields Resort on the Atlantic side of Governor's Harbour is Eleuthera's newest attraction, Oceanview Farm. More than just an attraction, this is a lovely place run by people who are passionate about their work and their love for Eleuthera. This is a a great place to feel the care and warmth for the island and enjoy another perspective of what the island looks like -- from a horse's point of view.

We visited with owner Angela Brown and her daughter Kelly Sweeting to find out what Oceanview Farm is about. While their love for their horses is deep, the focus of the farm goes beyond them to include feed, agriculture and the general well being of the island. They believe Eleuthera can be more self-reliant and provide for its people and animals beyond the current production.

Don't miss taking a ride with the these fine folks at Oceanview Farm when visiting Eleuthera. It is truly a memorable event. And give the horses a pat on the head for us!

Horseback riding on the beach
Riding Horses on Eleuthera
Q - Where are you from, Angela?

A - I'm originally from Nassau, but Eleuthera is where we spent all our summers, all our weekends, many in Harbour Island, but many on the mainland.

Q - Kelly?

A - It just is where we have a lot of memories and are definitely happy to be up here. And I think the horses are happy to be up here as well. It is definitely a simpler life, but a better one.

Q - Angela, I understand this was your idea?

A - Yes, it was. We wanted to retire and Eleuthera is where we wanted to come. But I'm not a sit-at-the-beach-and-read-a-magazine person, and I had the horses in Nassau. We showed and rode in Nassau and taught lessons and had a ring. So the natural progression was to bring the horses. I was going to bring my personal ones anyway, so we just added a few more and offer this to guests. It's a beautiful way to see the island. Especially in the back, they can see the native flora and fauna, and then down onto the beach and you just can't beat our beaches, so it was a natural progression.

Oceanview Horse Farm Eleuthera
Oceanview Farm