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Interview with Rose Gibson

More Than Just A Great Cook...

Rose Gibson - Northside Inn Eleuthera
Rose and her Bahamian Hand Craft

One of the things I particularly enjoy about Rose is her talent for crafts, specifically the decorative items she makes from sea shells. I've haunted the Bahamas since the 70s and have seen a lot of seashell artwork, but I must admit, Rose's work is quite unique. Many of her creations are figurines and caricatures of animals. I'm looking at a cute little turtle she made out of seashells for me as I write this. Thank you, Rose!

Rose was kind enough to spend some time with me and provide me with this informal interview. There's much you can learn from Rose if you have the time. One of my favorite pleasures when staying at Rose's is you'll invariably hear her sing some great gospel music as she makes her way back and forth on the little path that connects her place with the restaurant and runs between the cottages. It's the best experience. You sing good, Rose!

Q - Rose, what year were you born?

A - 1949, January 24

Q - Where were you born?

A - Freeport, Grand Bahama

View from Northside Inn Eleuthera
One of many excellent views from Northside Inn

Q - How long did you live there?

A - I lived there until I was 18 years old and then I got married. My husband and I moved here to Eleuthera for three years. And in 1969 we moved back to Freeport, Grand Bahama, where I stayed until 2000, and then moved back to Eleuthera with my husband.

Q - What did you do for work there?

A - During my teenage years I was a subordinate assistant teacher, and that’s when my husband met me. He came as the head teacher. Then we got married and moved to Eleuthera. Then when we moved back, I got into the secretarial field. I worked as secretary to the assistant general manager of Continental Telephone out of Virginia. In 1971, Batelco bought out Continental Telephone and I worked with the general manager and then moved to be a manager of one of the offices, the installation department and I moved to various offices and in 1999 I took early retirement to get some money to help my husband with his business.

Northside Inn Eleuthera
Northside Inn Eleuthera