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Interview with Rose Gibson :: Part 3

Original Eleuthera Crafts...

Q - I notice you also have some craft work here. Your hobby is working with shells down here? Tell me a little about that.

Seashell Figurines for Sale
Rose's Seashell Figurines

A - About two years ago now I got into…the Bahamas government has the BAIC (Bahamas Agriculture and Industrial Corporation) who comes in to do training for craft work. I was curious so I got involved, and I took a liking to doing the various crafts. But as a child I always pick up the shell and was always fascinated by them, but didn’t really know what to do with them. And after I learned how to put them together and organize them, now I do mirrors, I do dolls, I do hair pieces, I do necklaces, and it’s a hobby of mine. Also I include the coconut craft as well with shells.

Q - Well you have some beautiful work, I sure enjoyed it. I will enjoy taking home some of that work with me. What would you say is the best reason for people to come down to Eleuthera? What is it you think they would enjoy?

A - Eleuthera is unique in that, like I said, the beaches and the people. The people are very, very friendly, and it’s homey. It’s a home away from home. And people come from all over and you have various home owners here, and that is how a lot of the people have employment because they take care of the properties for these people who have their home here as residence. The island is just wonderful.

Q - I noticed that you also have people who will come into the marina down here at Rock Sound, so you do get a lot of people who are traveling around the islands in boats, is that right?

Northside Inn Restaurant Eleuthera
Northside Inn Restaurant

A - Oh yes, they are my summer guests. They come by boat from everywhere. From Canada, from Virginia, from Washington, they come from everywhere. I would just go and pick them up from down in the town and bring them over, and they comb the beaches and find all of the wonderful things that come up by sea. I prepare dinner for them and take them back to their boats.

Q - That sounds wonderful. What is your favorite music, Rose?

A - Of course Bahamian music, the goombay music, the rake and scrape music, the Bahamian theme. And especially Junkanoo…junk junk junkanoo (laughs).

Q - And do you have a favorite artist?

A - Um, yeah, the storyteller, Phil Stubbs. And Ronny Butler. Ronny and the Ramblers, yes. They are my favorite artists because they sing about the olden days and Bahamian history and they put it to music. So that’s what I love.

Q - Thank you very much, Rose. We really enjoyed our visit here, and we hope to see you again.

A - I’m certain you will, thank you.

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Northside Inn Eleuthera
Northside Inn Eleuthera