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Interview with Rose Gibson :: Part 2

Teddy Loves Everything...

Northside Beach Eleuthera
Northside Beach

Q - What brought you here to Eleuthera?

A - To work along with my husband.

Q - So you started this Northside Inn and Restaurant?

A - Yes.

Q - So you get a lot of visitors during the year?

A - Yes

Q - What kind of food do you serve at your restaurant?

A - I specialize in Bahamian dishes, but of course we do American dishes as well. But mostly my specialty is cracked conch, grouper fingers, steamed snappers, peas and rice, macaroni and cheese and the works.

Q - So what is your favorite food down here?

A - Um I am not a big eater but I love good food, whatever it is. But I’m not a big eater, but everybody enjoys my cracked conch and my grouper fingers and my cracked lobster, and especially the conch fritters. And occasionally I do the conch salad. So that’s it.

Q - What do you like most about Eleuthera?

A - Eleuthera has character, it’s unique in that every beach is so fabulous, and no matter where you go you hardly meet a crowded beach. And the water is so turquoise, it has its colors and the beaches have pink sand, and the people are very, very friendly. Everybody just wave to you no matter who you are.

Q - Well, I will vouch for that. I have seen any number of beaches throughout Eleuthera and this is probably one of the nicest beaches I have seen. Um, you have a cat and a dog here.

Rose and Teddy

A - Yes, I have Teddy, that’s my pet. Teddy is now five years old. Overweight, but doing well. And I have Joey my cat.

Q - Probably because he’s getting too many of those conch fritters. What’s his favorite food?

A - Well, Teddy loves everything, and the guests, he just rubs up to them so they can give him food, and they give him scraps, which is terrible, but Teddy is good.

Northside Inn Eleuthera
Northside Inn Eleuthera