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Apple Hole Farm Meat Mart Deli in Rock Sound, Eleuthera
Apple Hole Farm Meat Mart Deli

Q - You and I met when you were cracking conch and also you serve fish and chicken. Tell us more about what you serve over at the deli.

A - The deli, like I said, has over the years been more or less a marketing tool. Whatever we have been able to produce at the farm, on Saturdays we try to move it through there. Now how we do it is, with the goats we produce the mutton. So from that side of it we produce the mutton souses on Saturday. With the pork we produce the jerk pork or we make a combination of the pork and mutton souses. We do a sheep tongue souse. With the chicken we also do a chicken souse or we do a jerk chicken to go along with the jerk pork. The conches that you saw me beating we actually to a stew conch on Saturday morning that goes over really well. At the deli we produce a mutton souse, or we produce a combination which would be the mutton and pork souse. We do a stew fish, stew conch, sheep tongue, and the chicken souse, along with the Johnnycake. Right now we are producing a lot of what we call the guinea corn, which is the corn from the sorghum that we feed to the goats so we use the corn to make grits out of that, so we are now producing the guinea corn grits that go along with jerk pork or jerk chicken.

Q - My experience at your deli is that you have the local people coming in quite often. I don't see too many of the tourists come in, but is that because you're just open on Saturdays?

A - It could be some of that, but we do have tourists that come in. But what we have found over the years is that most of the tourists that come would prefer the uncooked meats, and of late we have not had a lot of the uncooked meat for sale because we have been running a lot of that through our deli. The reason for that is that the potential mutton business in Eleuthera is unbelievable. The market is there for the meat. What I have been trying to do and the reason why we don't really have that fresh mutton market now is that we need to more or less increase our numbers and that's basically what we are trying to do. The tourists that do come we find that the don't prefer the cooked foods, but they want either the local muttons or local pork where they can take it back and cook it for themselves. But we are going to tap into that market as we increase our numbers where we have more of the local fresh meats to sell.

Q - What I enjoyed at the Apple Hole was trying things I never tried before, and found them to be quite excellent. And also those items were quite healthy to eat. I find the mutton and some of your other foods there would be a much better food product than say some of the red meats, etc. Can you speak to that a bit?

Cooking in the kitchen at Apple Hole Restaurant.
Cooking in the kitchen at Apple Hole

A - What I have found over the years is that we find a lot of locals and others who come in to buy, prefer the mutton because you will find that mutton is a leaner meat. The sheep meat sells, but not as well as the mutton because I am finding now there is a market for people looking for more or less organic, or meats that are not as fat or even in healthy foods, such as the guinea corn grits. If you Google it and look for the nutrition potential for that and what you can gain from eating guinea corn it helps with the building of cells in the blood, helps with a lot of different ailments. So it's really good and it's naturally grown. No fertilizer, no chemicals. We allow it to basically grow on its own and we just harvest it and make grits out of it.

Q - Well, it's safe to say that if nobody has tried this type of food, that you're the perfect place the try it because it's a process that you have obviously honed over the years. So I would hope that more people would come to visit your place. Tell us about your place, where it's located and your hours of operation.

A - We are located in Rock Sound, Eleuthera. It's on what we call Fish Street. You turn off Queen's Highway onto Fish Street, and it's the second building on the right. It's called Apple Hole Farm Meat Mart and Deli. Right now we are just open on Saturday, which is fine for us. Maybe later on we will open up a couple other days, but Saturday we are open from 7:00am to 3:00pm on Saturday.

Q - And you have take away there as well as you can sit down and dine?

A - That's correct.

Homemade Johnnycake at Apple Hole Deli, Eleuthera.
Homemade Johnnycake
at the Apple Hole
Fresh Baked Chicken from Apple Hole Deli Restaurant.
Fresh Baked Chicken
at the Apple Hole