Lighthouse Shack Eleuthera

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Lighthouse Cook's Shack :: Eleuthera Bahamas
Cook's Shack from doorway of Lighthouse Shack

“The Lighthouse Point area is notable for its cohesive natural environment, long vistas, several unique historic places and ruins, and extensive extraordinary beaches. Both the number and diversity of ecosystems and the relative remoteness of the area contribute to the overall intrinsic environmental value of Lighthouse Point as a whole. Another critical environmental resource is Big Pond, which is a largely undisturbed rare hypersaline lake, researched by international groups for scientific purposes. Millars Plantation (with artifacts that date back as early as the 1780’s), the ruins of old Bannerman Town, the historic lighthouse and traces of a Lucayan presence at Lighthouse Point all represent the cultural and historical diversity of the site. Even today tourists and Eleutherans from all over the Island come to Lighthouse Point and speak of it as a sacred place, visited freely by generations of Bahamians.” - Michael Singer

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Lighthouse Shack Eleuthera
Lighthouse Shack