Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve on Eleuthera

Education Pavilion

Students Learn About Bush Medicine in the Bahamas

“The Education Pavilion is literally a few steps away from primary growth coppice...”
Dr. Ethan Freid

Q - You mentioned the education pavilion. What are some of the highlights for that facility?

A - The Education Pavilion is designed as outdoor classroom for students of all ages. It is large, open air 40 x 40 ft. structure with beautiful stone columns, vaulted cedar ceilings and high powered fans. It is equipped with electricity and water as well as Wi-Fi.

The idea was that students would be able to have lectures (with PowerPoint if desired) and do other “classroom” activities there regardless of weather conditions. What makes it really special is the fantastic access to the things the students are learning about. It is literally a few steps away from primary growth coppice, the mangrove wetland, various native species and the medicinal plant beds. Students can learn about the plants and then go see them directly.

We worried a little bit if the Pavilion would prove to be too distracting to students while they are there with all the trees and birds around them but the truth is that is exactly what we want: students getting distracted by nature.

The Pavilion is also a perfect place for activities other than classes such as lectures, gatherings, meditation, receptions etc. The Preserve has tables and chairs on site that can be set up to accommodate up to 100 people. It was designed and situated so that no direct sun hits inside keeping the area cool all day long.

Q - I was most impressed with the Pavilion. Nicely done and no doubt will be appreciated by the students on Eleuthera as well as visitors to the Island. Good reason to make a class field trip to the Preserve and Eleuthera.

On a more personal note, what is your favorite thing to do on Eleuthera when you’re not otherwise working on the Preserve?

A - I am a botanist and a rambler so when I have free time I like to grab a vehicle and go exploring around the island. I really love going up the back roads and looking for interesting species to collect and to take digital imagery of as well as find some remote beach. One never knows what one will find just over the next ridge or around the bend.

Our thanks to Dr. Freid for his time and special thanks to the Levy Foundation and the Bahamas National Trust for providing the Native Plant Preserve on Eleuthera. It is a wonderful addition to the Island and sure to be enjoyed by many who live on or visit Eleuthera.

For more information, visit the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve website.

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Eleuthera mangrove walk
Eleuthera Mangrove Walk