Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve on Eleuthera

Mangrove Boardwalk

Features Some of the Largest Mangroves on Eleuthera

“The boardwalk path was cut in with the absolute minimal impact to the vegetation and ecosystem...”
Dr. Ethan Freid

A - At the same time I find the mangrove boardwalk to be really inspiring. The mangroves we have at the Preserve are some of the largest in the Bahamas and the boardwalk path was cut in with the absolute minimal impact to the vegetation and ecosystem. This one was also difficult to construct because of the need to not impact the vegetation, working in a muddy wet environment and of course doing it all by hand.

Now that being said, I also think the entire trail system and the education pavilion are also worth seeing but then again I am a little partial to the entire place.

Q - I found the mangrove boardwalk to be most interesting and was able to observe a number of reptiles in it during my visit. It is a very peaceful place. As I walked through the Preserve, I noted the various signs describing the plants and trees and their medicinal benefits. Mr. Levy was obviously keen on bush medicine. Which of these plants and trees do you think have the most promise and are any of them exclusive to Eleuthera?

A - None of the plants we are showcasing are unique to Eleuthera. We are showing off plants that all Bahamians have used regardless of the island they are on. That is typically the way it is. If a plant is not common it is not typically used culturally. We are continuing to upgrade our signage to show off more species and give visitors greater information about the plants at the Preserve. As to the promise of any species, that I cannot answer. It is something medical scientists still need to investigate more thoroughly.

Eleuthera Mangroves
Eleuthera Mangroves