How To Make Conch Salad

Q - Tell me exactly… walk me through the process of how to make conch salad.

A - First, you would have to take the conch out of the shell, clean it very well in salt water to take off all of the slop and slime. And then you would rinse it off in fresh water. You would then slice up onions, very fine dice it up; then tomatoes, same process, dice it up. Sweet pepper, same fashion, and also the conch in the same fashion. Once you have mixed all of that up together you put a little dash of salt, little hot pepper, add a little orange juice, fresh orange that is, fresh lime, not box orange juice and not lime juice in a bottle, fresh ingredients. And then a little dash of pepper, mix it all together, mix it up like conch salad.

Q - That sounds excellent. Where do you get your conch usually?

A - Normally from the north side, and anywhere from three to four miles off Cape Eleuthera there in the perimeter.

How to make fresh conch salad Avian demonstrates how to make fressssssh conch salad Preparing the conch meat Preparing the conch meat for the salad Prepared conch meat with onions Prepared conch meat and sliced onions Slicing more conch meat for conch salad More conch meat being sliced for conch saladSunset at Eleuthera conch stand Sunset at Coco Conch Stand :: Eleuthera, Bahamas

Q - How do you keep it fresh?

A - Um, if I don’t dive it myself, normally my friends dive and I purchase it from them. I have what you call a conch troll right in back of the conch stall, which is about 12x12 perimeter and you keep it right in there and I can always go down, either in a bag or tie it together. I can always go and get a fresh conch and make up a fresh bowl of conch salad. I also use it fresh for the entrée, cracked conch or if you want to have fresh conch fritters it’s also cracked fresh out of the shell. I don’t put conch in the freezer when I cook it, it’s all fresh out of the shell.

Q - Can people call up and order fresh conch salad to go?

A - Oh definitely, definitely, a lot of people do that. They call up, and they will have two bowls or three bowls or $50 worth or $100 worth. You can always, if you want a whole lot of it, or if you just want one bowl, call ahead of time and I’ll have it prepared and ready to go when you get here. It takes about four or five minutes to make a bowl, and that’s just awesome.

Q - What’s your favorite food down here, Avian?

A - Well you know, I love seafood, so right now it’s a three way race. I gotta have fresh grouper, I gotta have fresh lobster and I gotta have conch. You know, any day you can give me any one of those and I won’t argue, I won’t cry, I won’t flinch, just bring it on.

Lenny Kravitz

Q - Who’s your favorite musician?

A - Well, I love, um, my hometown boy, Lenny Kravitz, of course. Another home town boy, Ronnie Butler. I love their music. I just love Bahamian music. Junkanoo. One of these days you’ve gotta see me perform junkanoo. You think me making conch salad is awesome. You see me in a junkanoo costume, you won’t want to leave the place.

Q - I’ll have to come back down here some time and see that.

A - I’m telling you, I’m telling you.

Q - Well, Avian, we appreciate the interview. Thank you very much!

A - My pleasure.

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Avian Morley shows you exactly how to make conch salad as he is interviewed in front of his conch stand by none other than Martha Stewart, March, 2013.

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