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Horseback Riding on Eleuthera…

Q - Where were your born and raised, Kelly?

A - I was born in Nassau. I went off the boarding school and then off to college in Florida. Then I came back as a dolphin trainer and sea lion trainer and eventually came here.

Q - How long have you been working with horses?

A - My whole life. My mom has always had horses so I've been around horses since I was a baby.

Q - When did you start with horses, Angela?

A - I always have had a love for them. I was a competitive swimmer as a child, and one of my dad's mechanics, when I was turning five, knew I loved horses and decided to send a pony for me for my fifth birthday and she arrived on the Alice Mabel from Exuma, and that's how it all started… Mr. John Smith from Exuma sent me my first pony. It was in my system and I was going to do whatever I had to do to ride, so my parents said if I wanted to continue, then work for it. So I babysat and did odd jobs and whatever I could do, and supported my first horse. It's just something I've always loved. I've always loved them and it just got a hold.

Q - How long has the Farm been in operation?

A - We opened last year mid-February, so it's just been over a year.

Q - How many horses do you have?

A - We have nine horses. One is a pony that we use for children's pony rides, but the other eight are trail horses.

Q - Give me an idea as to what a ride consists of if I were to take a ride here?

A - Well, we would start out from the Farm, we'd go along the lake. We go through lots of the silver top palms, there are mangroves down there, all the termite mounds, wild orchids, the birds are often on the pond. It's a brackish pond, there are no fish in it, so the birds don't feed there. We think some of birds feed on the insects on the surface, because you'll see the birds diving and obviously eating something. But there's no life in the pond. That comprises about 20 minutes of the trail. Then we just cross Banks Road and go on another path that leads to the beach. That section is about 40-45 minutes. Then we have our own beach access across the street, so we can come straight across back to the Farm. The idea of doing the trail like that was to keep the horses off of Banks Road as much as possible because, as you know, we are not the world's best drivers. We put up “Caution” signs so people can see that it is a horse crossing.

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