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Edrin Symonette, Rock Sound, Eleuthera
Goat Farming on Eleuthera

Q - It started with goats then?

A - It started with goats. I fell in love with goats. It became a hobby for me and that was it. It took off from there.

Q - What other things are you doing on the farm right now besides goats?

A - The goats got me into it and then I realized developing goat herds, and from the goat we got the mutton. That was really a lucrative business for me, but what I realized was I had to build the numbers of my herds because there were times when I was unable to slaughter. So I went into the citrus business where I grew Persian limes. I started with a few Persian limes and taught myself and learned from the older farmers some of the propagation techniques of how to propagate plants, the air layering techniques, and then with the oranges and grapefruits and tangerines I went into the propagation of those with the budding, and with the mangoes with the grafting. With oranges and grapefruits what we did was we produced quite a bit of what we call root stock. We used the sour orange root stock and then grafted or budded the different varieties of citrus onto the sour orange root stock.

Q - What other kinds of things do you do? I notice over at your farm you have other animals besides goats. You have chickens, tell us some more about that.

Pig farming on Eleuthera
Pig Farming

A - We also have the marketing side of what we do here -- the Apple Hole Farm Meat Mart and Deli in Rock Sound. But the thing about it is we grow a few pigs, but the pigs are really for our Saturdays at the deli where we have a program where we produce our jerk, so we use the pigs for jerk pork. With the chickens I'm starting a program where we are producing local eggs because there is a market for locally produced eggs. So that's more or less why we are growing the chickens.

Goat farming on Eleuthera.