Fave Food & Beach on Eleuthera

Interview with Clyde Bethel continued...

Q - What is your favorite food?

A - My favorite food is conch. I like conch raw in conch salad.

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Q - Do you go out and get your own conch or do you have other people bring it to you?

A - I haven't in a long time so whoever has it fresh I'll get it from them. I also have friends who fish and they'll often drop me off a bag.

Q - What's your favorite place on Eleuthera?

A - Paponi Beach on the north side here on the Banks Road. We call it “over the bay.” Everyone calls it Paponi now, it “over the bay.” If you talk to anybody local, it's “over the bay.”

Q - Favorite time of year here?

A - The cool time October thru May. The summers really drain me. It's so hot, so humid you have to do your work early in the morning or late in the evening. The middle of the day between 11 and 4 you don't get any production at all.

Q - Prime tourist season?

A - Prime tourist season starts Thanksgiving through Easter. But the island is starting to change; the season seems to be extending longer. There are so many foreign or expatriate home owners who start coming over in October, start opening their homes. That generally will start the trend for build-up for Thanksgiving and it will run thru the Easter holiday. Traditionally, how it used to be, after Easter it would just stop, then all the tourists were gone. But now I see it extending through the middle or end of June. It's really changing. We like everybody to go home in the summer (laugh).

Q - Yeah, that's nice. Well it's hot anyway. What is your favorite music?

A - Reggae. Bob Marley. Conscience music they call it.

My thanks to Clyde and Anne for their hospitality and kindness. If you visit Eleuthera, make sure you stop by Island Farm for that unforgettable “Eleutherian experience.” You can reach Island Farm at 242-332-0141 or visit their website Island Farm Eleuthera.

Now would you please pass me some more of that yummy Bahamian bread, Clyde?

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