Check Out Eleuthera

  • The Annual Pineapple Festival at Gregory Town in the first week of June, Tour pineapple farms, enter the athletic "Pineathalon" buy island crafts, and sample the winners of the pineapple recipe contest while sipping the Eleuthera specialty: pineapple rum.

  • The Bahamian answer to the Wyeth Family: Eddie Minnis, one of The Bahamas' most celebrated artists and his two artist daughters, Roshanne and Nicole who live and work in Eleuthera, above the picturesque town of Current. Their paintings which capture Bahamian life can be found in galleries in Dunmore Town.

  • The Glass Window Bridge at the narrowest point of the island. Here a little bridge abruptly divides the turbulent blue Atlantic from the teal, clear-as-glass waters of the Sound.

  • The Cave near Gregory Town where pirates once hid. Massive chambers and narrow passageways lead you through spectacular underground cathedrals.

  • The island of Spanish Wells, only 15 minutes by ferry boat from Harbor Island Bahamas. Inhabited by descendants of the Eleutherian Adventurers, Spanish Wells is a prosperous fishing community and the place to try your luck at big-game fishing.

  • Tasting the Bahamian specialty: conch salad. In Dunmore Town, just head to the man in the bright flowered shirt along the wharf. That's Billy Sawyer. His stand is no bigger than a card table but for four dollars, he'll make you the tastiest of conch salads, marinated in lime and seasoned with the island's bright red "bird pepper."

  • Taking a walking tour of Dunmore Town. You'll pass colorful Cape Cod cottages with ornately carved shutters and verandahs. You'll see the oldest churches in The Bahamas, and on Bay Street, you'll discover the delightfully colonial Loyalists Cottage dating to 1790.

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Eleuthera Beach