Eleuthera Cell Phone GSM Service

GSM Cell Phone Service on Eleuthera to be Improved by BTC
by Deandre Williamson, Bahamas Journal

“As people move throughout the islands and as the population shifts the demand for GSM services tends to increase,” said Mr,. Marlon Johnson, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Bahamas Telecommunications Company.

“BTC will consistently upgrade the number of GSM cell phone sites throughout The Bahamas,” he said.

“We have just recently installed six new sites – one at Montague, one at Arawak Cay, Garden Hills, and other areas in New Providence,” Mr. Johnson said.

He said BTC hopes to provide enhanced GSM cell phone service, which would allow people to receive a better signal, and wider coverage wherever they are in New Providence.

“BTC is upgrading its service to meet its customer expectations and demands,” he added.

Mr. Johnson said the company wants to ensure that GSM cell phone service is available at an optimal level.

“Gone Global", BTC’s initiative to connect all islands of The Bahamas to GSM wireless services by the end of the year, is almost completed,” he assured.

“Eleuthera will be launched next,” Mr. Johnson said.

“In the coming months, Cat Island, San Salvador, Acklins and Mayaguana will follow,” he said.

“Once we complete those, all the major islands would have been covered.”

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