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Dr. Seabreeze, Eleuthera Bahamas
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Island Woman

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Dr. Seabreeze

Q - And if people want to buy a CD they need to see you, is that right?

A - Yeah, see me in person and I will sell you a CD. I used to have them commercially, but the market kind of dropped off and now I'm doing it myself, so that's the way to go right now. See me, and then I can autograph it for you and I can smile pretty for you and you can get a picture of me, and I like things like that you know.

Q - So if people are thinking about coming down to Eleuthera, what would you tell them?

A - I'd tell them, you come here and it's the land of sea and sun, and if you want to live long, come here to Eleuthera. There's fresh breeze, fresh seabreeze that is. (laughs) I'll keep you cool, I'll keep you mellow. I'll make you never want to go back again. (laughs)

Q - Is there anything else you'd like people to know?

A - I'd like for them to come down and visit us more often because we need the business and we got a lot of nice people here, and we have beautiful beaches and snorkeling and diving and fishing, and I want to see the island grow and the kids, and everyone's very hospitable. We like people and we like to treat our guests number one.

Q - Thank you so much. We really appreciate you taking the time.

A - It's my pleasure to take time out. Anytime you come down, anybody come I got the time for them.

Q - Thanks Doc!

A - My pleasure.

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Ed Note:  For all of you Eleuthera aficionados, Cebric is cousin to Clyde Bethel from Island Farm Eleuthera.

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