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Doctor Seabreeze' Guitar

Pretty Boy & Momma Don't Want No Peas & Rice

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Dr. Seabreeze

Q - And where have you been playing?

A - I been playin' uh, London, Paris, Belgium, Germany. I'm the first Bahamian singing in the New York Yacht Club, 44th Street in Manhattan. I've been in Grosse Pointe Michigan doing weddings, I go all over the world. You name it, I've been there.

Q - Where did you start playing?

A - I started to play right here on the island at a little place called Tranquility, which is now closed. I picked up the guitar there in 1971, and I've been going strong ever since. I asked the good Lord to bless me with a gift and he sure did. But I was in the band from when I was 13 years old; so if you count up this years, I'll be 52 years I've been entertaining between the band and myself.

Q - How did you learn how to play music?

A - I just picked it up myself. Never took a lesson.

Q - Do you know how to read music?

A - No, I don't read music, but I know how to read lips. (laughs) I know how to listen too (laughs)

Q - What's your favorite music besides the music that you play?

A - Well I like a lot of ballads too you know, like the Last Farewell, and I Can't Stop Lovin' You, and I like a little jazz like Blueberry Hill, and few things; but normally it's gotta be calypso. That's the only way to go... it's mellow, and nice and it's easy. And the calypso songs, they always tell stories about people and things, so that's why I like to stick with the calypso.

Q - Who are your favorite bands and favorite artists?

A - Well, I don't know, the bigger bands I don't know like that because most of the guys have died that I used to like, like James Brown and all those when I was younger. I knew James Brown and Ray Hamilton, but all those guys are gone now. But I used to like Louis Armstrong, he did a lot of good jazz too. And, you know, Fats Domino, and of course Ray Charles and what have you. The list goes on and on. Otis Redding was good... if he would have been living today he would have been a legend.

Cupid's Cay Eleuthera
Cupid's Cay Eleuthera