Conch Salad King Avian Morley

Q - What year were you born, Avian?

A - I was born in 1972, the 13th of September.

Q - When did you start your restaurant here on Eleuthera?

A - About ten years ago.

Q - What’s the name of the place?

A - Coco Plum Restaurant and Coco Conch Stand.

Q - And Coco Conch Stand, do you run that on a full time basis?

A - Yes, it’s open every day, seven days a week from 12:00 noon until …

Q - How long have you been making conch salad here on Eleuthera?

A - I have been making conch salad steadily now about 15 years.

Q - What is your secret to making such great conch salad?

A - Well, definitely it’s the fresh conch, purple onions, the sweet tomatoes, sweet pepper, a dash of orange and lime juice, salt, let’s not forget the hot pepper. A wonderful bowl of conch salad.

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