Conch Salad - Eleuthera Style!

Interview with Avian Morley - Proprietor of Coco Conch Shack
by Perry Joseph

Editor's Note:  We were saddened to hear of Avian's untimely passing (September, 2013) in a tragic motorcycle accident. Avian was a most kind man who had a deep passion and love for his Family, work and for his island of Eleuthera. We dedicate these pages in memory of Avian. He will be missed and never forgotten. God bless. The Coco Conch Stand and Coco Plum Restaurant are not open for business.

When it comes to feasting at the various Eleuthera restaurants, you won't want to miss trying the local conch salads, conch burgers, conch dinners, and especially, the conch fritters! You really haven't lived until you have had a cold drink and fresh conch served however you like your conch done.

This delectable seafood can be sampled in any number of Eleuthera restaurants, bars and conch shacks, and a favorite place for “conching out” on Eleuthera is Avian Morley's Coco Conch Stand and Coco Plum Restaurant.

Avian's conch stand and Bahamian restaurant are just south of Rock Sound, Eleuthera towards the southern end of the island. You can't miss them -- located directly on Queen's Highway. Avian's quaint little conch stand has a delightful view of Exuma Sound, especially nice at sunset. Bring the camera and the no-see-um spray.  Coco Plum Restaurant and bar location

If there is one word to describe Avian's food it’s “fresh.” Avian claims his conch and grouper are some of the best on the island and we won't argue. His fresh conch salad is most definitely good -- a testament to “fresh ingredients makes the difference.” And along with “fresh” come the words “be patient” while Avian cooks your food to order. If you are in a hurry (which is hard to believe if you are truly enjoying the wonders of Eleuthera), give Avian a call before you make the trip and let him know what you want.

Avian is like a lot of entrepreneurs on Eleuthera and does a little of everything: taxi service, car rentals, catering and special events. Adjoining his restaurant is a small food and gift shop which has many of the essentials along with a variety of eclectic arts and crafts such as pretty Christmas ornaments made from sea shells.

What you will enjoy most is Avian. He represents one of a number of travel ambassadors on Eleuthera -- a real pleasure to be around and anxious to show you the best hospitality Eleuthera has to offer. Our sincere thanks to Avian for his warmth and for his excellent Bahamian cooking.

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