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Eleuthera beaches are both beautiful and bountiful -- a large gallery for those who enjoy snapping beach pictures and playing the bum. The shock blue and turquoise colors of the water are unique to the Bahamas. Many of these beaches are readily accessible; others are not. Your typical beach on Eleuthera has fine sand with a slight pink tint to it -- more pronounced in morning and evening light. Many of the beaches are mixed with various breaks and stretches of limestone rock outcropping, cliffs and some caves.

In many instances, you can walk along these beaches and see few if any people. If you are looking for a sense of freedom, adventure, solitude and raw beach beauty, the beaches of Eleuthera are an excellent travel choice.

(Click links below photos to view virtual reality versions of these Eleuthera beaches.)

Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach is one of the more famous beaches on Eleuthera. Located at the southern tip of the island, south of historic Bannerman Town, this beach has some unforgettable scenery. This beach is difficult to get to as there are a number of stretches in great disrepair and require a vehicle with reasonably high clearance. Be prepared!

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Lighthouse Beach Eleuthera
Bannerman Lighthouse

When exploring Eleuthera beaches, decent shoes are recommended for navigating rocky areas. A good supply of drinking water is important along with bug spray to protect against no-see-ums, mostly in the morning and evening hours. When taking your beach photos, but be careful not to get that pink sand beach in your happy snapper -- zip lock bags will help keep your camera from being beached.

Savannah Sound Beach

Current Bay Beach is a very quiet and gorgeous beach on the northern end of Eleuthera island just east and not far from Tay Bay beach near Preacher's Cave. Just another prime example of how serene these beaches are. This was taken during peak travel season, and as you can see, the beach is not very crowded.

Current Bay Beach panoramic photo

Surfers Beach is located in Gregory Town. Surfers beach Eleuthera is known the world over by surfing aficionados. This virtual reality photo of the “relief shack”was shot back in 2008. Unfortunately, the little surfer's shack didn't survive the tropical storm that came later that year. Fortunately, it has since been replaced by dedicated surfer fans from the area - maybe not the same, but still a delight.

Surfer's Beach Eleuthera

These 360° panoramic and virtual reality beach pictures are a small sample of what is available on the Island of Eleuthera. Many of the notable beaches can be located on the Eleuthera satellite map. Select the “Beaches” category, then select a beach from “locations.” Satellite maps of the islands are always a few years old or more and directions to these beaches change over time so it is advisable to ask for directions from a knowledgeable resident of the island.

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