Beach House Restaurant

Dining Eleuthera Style
by Rose Mary Joseph

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Tapas is a style of eating. It is not an appetizer or a dish to start a meal. Tapas is the beginning, middle and end of your dining experience. It is a very social and relaxing way of dining... sharing plates of delicious food with good friends or family while enjoying your adult beverage of choice. That is the fare The Beach House Restaurant offers, with the bonus of location, location, location... which happens to be a beautiful stretch of French Leave Beach aka Club Med Beach, Eleuthera.

Originally The Beach House was exactly that... a privately owned house on one of the nicest beaches on Eleuthera. Ironically, several years ago my husband and I actually looked into renting it, but it was already booked. The story goes, one night owner Michele Johnson and friends (now business partners) Angelika and Sandy had one too many, or maybe a few too many, lychee martinis. Next thing they knew, in December of 2008 The Beach House became a tapas and wine bar. And since what goes around comes around, the lychee martini is now a house specialty.

Bread and Oil Appetizers

You have your choice of dining outside on the terrace or sitting in the indoor dining room. The décor is charming. Everything about it reminds you that you are on an island in the Bahamas, from the soft island colors to the cute tiki bar overlooking the aforementioned gorgeous pink sand beach. And a not-so-islandy disco ball hangs in the center of the terrace to let you know you are in for a good time. There is room outside to dance on the patio if you so choose because they offer entertainment several nights of the week. If you opt to sit indoors, as Perry and I did, it opens up to the terrace, so you have the best of both worlds.

Calamari Appetizers

We indulged in a variety of delicious small plates during our visit to Eleuthera. One of my favorite dishes in the whole world is fried calamari. It is on the menu at The Beach House, so I had to go for it. I must admit when it first came to our table, it looked like there was a fairly heavy batter on the calamari. Fortunately, however, the batter was way lighter than it looked and the whole dish was most excellent. There was an extremely generous serving of calamari, and it came with a very flavorful sweet and sour dipping sauce on the side.

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